Victoria Falls - Zambia

Victoria Falls - Zambia

The Victoria Falls are situated on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and have long been considered to be one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

Only a short 2 hour flight from Jo'burg, a trip to Victoria Falls is certainly memorable.

Victoria Falls - Which Side to Visit?

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer their own views of the Falls

The first question that most people ask, when wanting to visit the Victoria Falls, is "Which side is best to visit - the Zimbabwe side or the Zambia side?"

In an ideal world, we would suggest you stay on one side of the Falls then cross via the Victoria Falls Bridge for just a day trip to visit the Falls from the 'other side' - so you maximise your time here by seeing the Falls from every angle! But if you don't have the time (or the money for the multiple entry visas) to do this, here are a few key points to help you make your decision.

Viewing the Falls from the Zimbabwe Side

75% of the Falls can be seen from this side, and a network of paths allows you to see more of the Falls from virtually every angle, and get a better perspective of its full width and power. The Falls never dry up on the Zimbabwean side, even at the height of the dry season (October to December), so you can be assured of an impressive water flow at any time of the year. 

The town of Victoria Falls is very close to the Falls (less than 2 km), and as this is where the majority of the hotels are situated, your travelling time (and associated transfer costs) to get to the Falls is less than from hotels on the Zambia side.   Accommodation (and activity) rates also tend to be slightly lower on the Zimbabwean side due to lower government taxes and levies.

Viewing the Falls from the Zambia Side

Zambia has a 25% view of the Falls - the eastern cataract - and there is a reasonable network of paths and several viewpoints.  However, this section dries up completely in the dry months (October to December) leaving just a rock face.

Livingstone Island, where David Livingstone famously first set eyes on the Falls, can only be visited from the Zambia side.  Microflights and the Devils Pool swim can also only be done from this side too.

 There are only 2 hotels close to the entrance to the Falls on the Zambia side (the Royal Livingstone and Zambezi Sun), and residents here have their own (free) entrance to the Zambian section of the Falls via their own entrance gate.  All other visitors will stay at one of the hotels or lodges near Livingstone, which is about a 10 km drive from the entrance - adding to travelling time and associated transfer costs.