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Inspiration For Visitors Who Have Been On Safari Before

Inspiration For Visitors Who Have Been On Safari Before

"Everything In Africa Bites, But The Safari Bug Is Worst Of All" - Brian Jackman

A very high proportion of visitors to Africa end up falling in love with this enchanting continent and look to return year after year.

It's great to return to favourite destinations, and every safari is always different even if you return to the same lodge - however, Africa is vast and diverse and there is so much more to see beyond the Big 5. 

From tracking rhino on foot in Namibia to trekking to see mountain gorillas or exploring the less visited parts of South Africa, there are a wealth of places to explore and adventures to be had across this fascinating continent.

We hope the suggestions below and our safari bucketlist will give you some inspiration for your own trip, and if you'd like to chat through some ideas then please get in touch by giving us on 01483 266725 or send an enquiry via the website and we'd be delighted to help.

A Namibian Adventure

ITINERARY-9: A Namibian Adventure


From the sea of sand dunes in the south, to the harsh landscape of Damaraland in the north, and across to the wildlife rich plains of the Etosha National Park, Namibia is a truly stunning country full of contrasts. The vastness of the country will both impress and delight first time visitors looking for adventure, and returning visitors will always find somewhere new to explore and enjoy.

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Durban and Zululand

ITINERARY-8: Durban and Zululand


KwaZulu-Natal has something for everyone - splendid beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean, stunning mountain scenery, wildlife, and a vibrant city life. Nowhere else in Southern Africa are so many outstanding tourist destinations to be found in such close proximity to one another.

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Zambia Holiday Ideas

ITINERARY-02724: Zambia Holiday Ideas

Code: ITINERARY-02724

Zambia is a land-locked, warm-hearted African country with an endless list of adventures on offer. Many tourists overlook Zambia as a wildlife destination in its own right, yet the nation is packed with natural delights, making it a superb and secret spot for a safari.

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Affordable Botswana

ITINERARY-01952: Affordable Botswana

Code: ITINERARY-01952

Botswana is an unbeatable destination for an authentic African safari, and the itineraries here will give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself without breaking the bank. Come and see for yourself why Botswana is now rated as one of the best places to see wildlife on the planet.

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The Best of Botswana

ITINERARY-03015: The Best of Botswana

Code: ITINERARY-03015

Stay in some of Botswana's most exclusive and secluded safari camps and lodges for the ultimate Botswana safari experience. Your elegantly indulgent accommodation will complement the outstanding game viewing, in the company of highly trained and qualified guides.

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Alternative Wildlife Experiences in South Africa

ITINERARY-01964: Alternative Wildlife Experiences in South Africa

Code: ITINERARY-01964

If you have already been on a traditional 'Big 5' safari, maybe this time you are looking for something a little 'different' but which will still enable you to enjoy South Africa's wildlife? Whether you're a seasoned safari-goer or an adventurous spirit eager for a twist on the traditional safari, these alternative ideas will set your imagination running wild. Whilst game viewing from an open-topped safari vehicle may be the classic way to explore the African bush, there are several more unusual safari options that will give you an entirely unique and totally thrilling perspective of Africa.

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